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We offer you fine interior details to gild your home with. Here you will find everything from fine details such as candlesticks and textiles to artistic furniture and lamps. Take a look at our range and be inspired by our carefully selected products from brands such as Hk Living, Layred, L: a Bruket and Wall Of Art.

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Serax Plate Dark Blue
Serax from € 11,84
Serax Plate Misty Grey
Serax from € 11,84

Serax Bowl Rusty Brown
Serax from € 8,16
Serax Carafe Glass
Serax € 28,88

Serax Inku Tumbler Clear
Serax from € 11,84

Serax Merci Glass
Serax from € 6,64

Out of stock
Serax Salad Bowl Misty Grey
Serax € 70,40

Serax Bowl Indi Grey
Serax from € 8,16

Out of stock
Serax Carafe 5° Glass
Serax € 25,92
Out of stock
Serax Pot Costa M White
Serax € 29,60

Out of stock
Serax Bowl Calor De Silva
Serax € 34,80

Out of stock
Serax Pot Costa S Grey
Serax € 25,92
Serax Tumbler glas
Serax from € 5,20

Serax Bread Plate
Serax € 13,36
Serax Olive Plate
Serax from € 5,92

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