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Serax was founded in a garage by the Belgian brothers Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche in 1986. During their childhood, the ceramics were always constantly present thanks to their mother's pottery. Today, the family business has grown into a multinational company with over 60 employees and headquarters in Antwerp. Serax works with new and recognized designers all over the world which gives the range of Serax a global feel with the aim of gilding and creating happiness in the home. The brand today supplies pocelain to Michelin chefs around the world who use plates and bowls to achieve a high level of creativity and to elevate the aesthetics of their beautiful dishes.

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Serax Carafe Glass
Serax € 28,88
Out of stock
Serax Pot Costa S Grey
Serax € 25,92

Serax Bowl Indi Grey
Serax from € 8,16
Serax Bowl Rusty Brown
Serax from € 8,16
Serax 44253M
Serax € 13,36

Serax 44254M
Serax € 17,04
Out of stock
Serax Cappuccino cup & Saucer
Serax € 18,48
Serax 44256M
Serax from € 5,92

Serax Tapas Plate
Serax € 31,12
Serax Tumbler glas
Serax from € 5,20
Serax Pot Costa Honey
Serax from € 25,92

Out of stock
Serax Carafe 5° Glass
Serax € 25,92

Serax Tea Pot
Serax € 34,08
Serax Vase Fck
Serax € 103,68

Serax Merci Glass
Serax from € 6,64
Out of stock
Serax Merci Knife Stone Wash
Serax € 2,96

Serax Oval Plate Black Edge
Serax from € 29,60

Serax Tea Cup Wood
Serax € 9,60

Serax Oui Oui Jug
Serax € 24,48

Serax Bowl Smokey Blue
Serax from € 12,56

Serax Plate Dark Blue
Serax from € 11,84
Serax Plate Misty Grey
Serax from € 11,84

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